Domain names

This text will attempt to clarify the domain name policy of the University of Twente. The official rules of LISA can be found here.

The primary rule

LISA has determined that in DNS, no references whatsoever, other than with prior permission, may be made to IP numbers under 130.89.x.y or IP names under *.utwente.nl.

The reasons

The University of Twente is the 'owner' of the domain "utwente.nl" and the IP numbers 130.89... No-one likes their property to be used by others without permission.

Moreover, the UT wishes to profile itself as a unit to the outside world (though there are those who deviate from this) and therefore wishes you to use utwente.nl in all communications.

We think that an own domain (personal or for your own company) is not in line with the purposes for which the UT made the connection available and some (commercial) goals are even against the rules for the use of the UTnet and/or SurfNET.

An extra argument is that before there was an officially adopted policy, in a number of cases misuse was made of the references. Due to this, the UT received complaints about an unknown domain. This means extra work figuring out whether the complaint was correctly directed at us. Furthermore, it turned out that in some cases, between the occurrence of the problem and the receipt of the complaint, the reference had disappeared or been moved, which again resulted in extra work.

The policy defined on this page was established taking these matters into account.

The details

To avoid misunderstandings, here is a list of examples of what is in any case not allowed, without prior permission from LISA:

If in doubt, it is advisable to find out whether something is allowed or not from the management committee of SNT, to avoid possible disappointments later on.

The exception

Just like (almost) every rule, this one also has an exception. In a very few cases, LISA may give permission for a "foreign" domain to be represented in University addresses. This is particularly for cases where there is a UT-supported University-exceeding interest. See the UTnet users' council site for more information. If you want another domain and think you may be eligible for one, then you can submit a well-reasoned proposal to the management committee of SNT, which in principle will pass it to LISA for assessment.

Written by WebCom on Sunday May 30, 2021