Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quarantainenet?

Quarantainenet is the name given to the place where users end up when they are barred from the Internet. The user can find out why he has been barred by retrieving a web page. For more information see Quarantainenet home page.

Why am I a member of SNT?

All home users of the UTnet can become a member of SNT. This can be chosen during sign-up on DAS.

I want a domain to refer to my machine, is that possible? No. It is not permitted to have external domains refer to a campus connection. Of course, you can always apply for a .utwente.nl host name from SNT. See also our explanation.

I want to change my host name, how do I do that? By logging on to DAS, you can easily make changes in your registrations.

My connection doesn't work, what should I do?

Contact the SNT help desk, they will help you. The help desk is accessible via telephone number 3266. (ICQ: 38212579, MSN: helpdesk@snt.utwente.nl). Mon-Fri: 10:00-13:30 (possibly different in exams period/holidays). See also https://www.snt.utwente.nl/.

How many network cards may I register?

You can register 8 network cards in total, of which you can (if you wish) give a maximum of 3 a permanent IP address, with a permanent host name. The rest will receive a mobile address.

I wish to operate my own mail server; is this possible?

Yes, you may operate your own mail server. This only applies to your utwente host name, thus to no other domains. The mail always goes via the utwente mail servers however and they also hold the mail for you should your inbox unexpectedly be off. To activate it you have to fill in the UT mail server as the smart host.

DHCP is not working and I receive the message "An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket". Why is this and what can I do about it?

Your TCP/IP stack has been changed, probably due to spyware. You can attempt to restore it with the following command: "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt". If this does not work, you can also try the following fix-tool: https://www.spychecker.com/program/winsockxpfix.html.

How long will my UT mail account and webspace remain operational, after I am no longer studying or working at the UT?

Both the mail account and the webspace will remain working normally for one month. Thereafter it will be blocked for three months and mail sent to the address will be returned with the message that you no longer work there. After graduation you can always apply for an alumnus account.

From which ranges is mail blocked and why?

Mail from these ranges is blocked on the router of the UT:


Because so much spam comes to the UT from these ranges that ICTS has opted to block them. If people from this range with their own mail server wish to mail you, they will have to do this via their official MX instead of via their own host.

Which ports are blocked on the UT router?

The ports of Sobig.E, Slapper, Cisco reversetelnet, MS-SQL, Back-orifice and netbus, Bugbear etc. In addition of course the netbios and WINS ports and SMTP. Moreover, also SNMP and omni-back.

The appurtenant numbers are:

Port 25 is blocked for incomming and outgoing traffic. This has been done because of the possibility of spam and virus outbreaks and should secure the University against being put on blacklists, like that of Spamcop.

The ports >1023 are only blocked if the source port is also >1023.

Where can I change my UT password ?

If you wish to change your UT password you can do that with this link https://mycampus.utwente.nl. If you have forgotten your UT password, you can ask the helpdesk for a new one. You can accomplish this via both the SNT help desk and the ICTS Service desk. Don't forget to take along your student card or other means of identification.

For what items should I go to the SNT helpdesk and the ICTS Servicedesk?

There is often some confusion about which help desk you need for which task. You can assume the following division:

SNT Helpdesk

ICTS Servicedesk

If my PC is completely full of viruses, what can I do?

As soon as it is really impossible to clean up the PC by means of virus scanners, etc., or you cannot manage it yourself, you can enlist the assistance of PCNS. PCNS is a service within ICTS that can take care of the installation of PCs for employees/students of the UT. For a fixed price you can put back a standard image on the PC, and (if it is not too much) also make a copy of the "My documents" folder via the network. (if you have very specific requirements, this is also possible but will be more expensive). For more information: PCNS website.

How do I recognise a network bridge MAC address?

Broadcast macs have a second odd number and a letter b/d/f. e.g., 01, a3 or 3b; these are evil!

Switch off the network bridge! P.S. if the second digit is even, this is still not a 100% guarantee that it is not a bridge address: 2267F294DEC6 is a bridge address, for example.

Error 619 when making a VPN connection.

What settings must I use with an ADSL modem in order to use ADSL@UT?

Bridging, and pvc (that is a vpi/vci combination) is 0/33Vista will no longer receive messages via DHCP. This is a Vista problem; the solution is described on https://support.microsoft.com/kb/928233/en-us

My PDA will no longer synchronise with Exchange

If the error message is 80072efd or 80072003, then you can try implementing the following change in your register [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services]"AllowLSP"dword:00000000. You can retrieve a file that does this via your PDA from this location.

Written by WebCom on Sunday May 30, 2021