The association Studenten Net Twente protects the interests of its members when it comes to the network facilities offered by the ICT Service Center of the University of Twente. We have a Helpdesk, an Abuse department and a bunch of committees working on fun and interesting projects. For example VoIP on the campus, an uninteruptable storage platform and a new version of DAS, the system that is used to register your network card in order to gain access to campusnet. In addition we host a good lot of game servers, an FTP and IRC server and do we offer a site hosting, email and storage platform to student associations. All these services are maintained by volunteers that work on these projects during entertaining working days. We also organize a trip every month for our volunteers in order to do something completely different for a change. Usually this trip is followed by a happy round of beer, something stronger or lighter, whatever you like.

The SNT Helpdesk is closed since 1 January 2021. However, the board and the committees are taking over support for SNT services.

For questions regarding your internet connection, please contact the LISA Servicedesk.

Need help?

Contact our helpdesk or check the manuals!
SNT Helpdesk
Citadel H121
Mon-Fri 08:00-17:30
(053) - 489 5577

Latest news

Update availability of our services and GMM

Since our last news article, the contract negotiation between LISA and SNT have continued. There is currently a contract proposal that is suitable for both parties. This contract will be discussed and approved at our next General Members Meeting. On 9 March 2020, our helpdesk wa…

Changes in availability of our services

For the past year, SNT has been negotiating with LISA for a new contract. We were in good faith that this would result in a contract with minimal impact on our members and users. Unfortunately, it was not possible to come to a contract that both SNT and LISA agreed to. LISA has…

Take a look inside the UT's datacentres

Have you ever wanted to know what a datacenter looks like on the inside? Or do you want to know how your super fast internet connection on campus gets to your room? We've collaborated with the ITO department of LISA to give you an inside view. Join our datacenter tour on the 5th…

SNT celebrates it's 5th Lustrum!

SNT's Lustrum is approaching. On the 2nd of November we'll turn 25! To celebrate this we're busy organising fun activities. To make use of the (hopefully) good weather during the summer, we've decided to celebrate the lustrum from May until November. Many activities will only be…

SNT tested router for home use on the campus

The SNT Helpdesk is aware that for many users on the campus, the standard internet facilities (eduroam and the wired network) are not sufficient. We see this in the number of people visiting the SNT Helpdesk with their own networking equipment. Using your own networking equipmen…