Studenten Net Twente is an association which offers internet services to students and organisations of the University of Twente. For student organisations we provide webhosting, email, storage and virtual servers. For students we provide various free services, such as our FTP and IRC servers. All these services are maintained by volunteers that work on these projects during entertaining working days with beer and pizza. We also organize a trip every month for our volunteers in order to do something completely different for a change. Usually this trip is followed by a happy round of beer, something stronger or lighter, whatever you like. If this sounds like fun, take a look at our committees or come by in our lunch hour.

Have you seen us on the campus and are you interested in joining SNT? Come to our lunch hour on the wednessdays and learn more!

Latest news

Eind of year BBQ

The end-of-year BBQ was a success again! (okay, relatively speaking, sorry Bob) With 28 registrations, it was once again a well-attended event. Despite all the wind, we ate well and caught up. See you next year!

Christmas drink 2023

We have recently had our yearly christmas drink. We were very happy with how many people turned up. We've had some fun conversations, met new people, and of course: A lot of drinks! Note to Bob: We need more bakbananen!

GMM 26 jul. 2023

The general member meeting was a success! The main point of this meeting was the charging of our new board consisting of the following members: Chairman: Sander Teune Secretary: Ken Yeh Treasurer: Luc Hartmans General Member: Luc Haaijer We thank Luc, Ani, and Veerle for their…

Bi-monthly work evenings and wednesday lunchhour

Wednesday Lunchhour Every wednesday, SNT opens its doors during lunchbreak where SNT members can enjoy a nice lunch provided by the board. Furthermore, anyone can take a look inside the SNT room, ask questions, or just have a nice conversation with the people present there! Work…