The Studenten Net Twente association represents the interests of its members in the area of network facilities as offered by the LISA service (University of Twente). We do this among other things by providing a helpdesk where users can go with their problems and questions. We provide this support for campus network, WLAN, VPN and other services of the University of Twente. Thanks to the knowledge of our helpdesk staff, we solve many of the problems immediately. To facilitate this, we maintain a web server, an FTP server, an IRC server and we offer colocation and web hosting for associations and other organizations. These services are maintained by volunteers who show and expand their knowledge. If you want to know more about the SNT, please contact us or visit the helpdesk!

In the beginning...

The CAMPUSnet is a computer network that was established by the Center for Information Provision (later ITBE, ICTS and nowadays LISA) and opened in December 1994. The network provides every student room on campus with a fast connection to the worldwide Internet. The CAMPUSnet has since been partially managed by students. This management is organized as a student association, called Studenten Net Twente, which was established on November 2, 1994. The SNT is officially recognized by LISA (formerly ICTS, ITBE and CIV) as the user representation of CAMPUSnet users. If you connect to the CAMPUSnet, you will automatically become a member of the SNT for a long time. Over the years, the university has started to provide more network and internet services such as dial-up modem connections, cable, ADSL, WLAN and the CAMPUSnet has been renewed several times. SNT has grown with these new developments and is nowadays the representative within the university of all users of home connections. On 20 November 2002 a fire was started in the A / D wing of the TWRC building, which contained all the network facilities of the university. The entire SNT office has also been lost, including all servers. Nevertheless, on the same day, students had campus network again at around 10.30: some SNT and DND members made sure that the basic facilities were brought online again, such as DHCP, DNS and an information site. Due to the enormous efforts of the aforementioned people and people from Virtu, CIV, Essent and Progress, it was even possible to get internet again in the course of the evening. On this page we try to name as many heroes as possible who have made the internet work again. Thanks! Photos of the fire and all kinds of activities during the repair of the network: https://tilde.snt.utwente.nl/gallery. On December 2, 2002, the SNT was temporarily housed in Building B. While the renovation of the renovated Bastille was awaited, the SNT was rebuilt here from the ground up. On April 29, 2003, the SNT moved to the renovated Bastille. It was already planned to house the SNT here before the fire.

Why become a member?

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