FTP server

The files on ftp.snt.utwente.nl are managed by Studenten Net Twente (SNT), located at the University of Twente. These files usually consist of open source operating systems and software. These projects are mainly hosted here for students and employees of the University so that they have access to a high-speed download location.

How do I access the FTP Server?

You can use different ways to access the server. All these services are also available via IPv6.

If you have access to a connection from the University, you can also use the following services:

Policy for content and use of the server

We have different guidelines for our mirrors. We do not easily deviate from this.

We have the following disclaimer for our users.

Gentoo & Debian Mirror Information

SNT's Gentoo Mirror

If you are running a Gentoo linux machine, you can use our Sources mirror to improve your download speed. Both the University and the Netherlands can save a considerable amount of time downloading.

A special program was developed by the Gentoo managers to make this easier for you. If you have not done this yet, turn mirrorselect. Then execute mirrorselect -a -s2. This will automatically select the 2 closest source mirror servers. You can also run mirrorselect -i and select "https://ftp.snt.utwente.nl/pub/os/linux/gentoo/" from the list.

SNT Gentoo Sync Mirror

In addition, we also have our portage mirror. Portage mirros are systems that are accessed for package updates when you use the "emerge" command. Normally it asks for the address rsync.gentoo.org for a random mirror all over the world. Sometimes it can happen that syncing with this server takes a long time. If you want the guarantee of a nearby mirror then you must add the following change:

Type mirrorselect -r -i and select SYNC = "rsync: // rsync.nl.gentoo.org / gentoo-portage

This guarantees that you always use a Dutch mirror (our mirror is also available under this address).

SNT Debian Mirror

If you use a Debian linux machine, you can use our Sources mirror to improve your download speed. Particularly within the University and within the Netherlands this can save a considerable amount of time.

You can use the following settings for 'stable debian system':

The machine

The mirror runs on a Dell PowerEdge R510 with:

What is also very important is the team that manages the server and mirrors!

Other people who deserve our thanks:

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