Lunch hour

What is the SNT lunch hour?

SNT has a lunch hour every Wednesday which is organised for its (prospective) members, as well as people who just like to join for fun or have some questions. During this lunch hour, you can get a free lunch and come and join us in our association room (Bastille 317).

Where and when?

It is held every Wednesday during the break (12:45 until +/- 13:30) in Bastille 317.

How can I join?

While not obligatory, It would be nice to know how many people we can expect for lunch, so we would like people to sign up before 12.00 using one of the following two options:

  1. Sign up through Matrix. Join the #snt:utwente.io room and say the command !lunch yes for meat eaters and !lunch vega for vegetarians. This can only be done for the upcoming lunch hour.
  2. Send an email to bestuur@snt.utwente.nl stating when you want to join and whether or not you are a vegetarian.

If you're interested in one of the committees:

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, then we would love for you to join either a lunch hour or one of our association evenings, which are held every second and fourth Thursday evening of the month. It is of course non-committal. We can primarily tell you more about SNT and the activities of our committees. If you do want to join an association evening, then please email bestuur@snt.utwente.nl.


Written by WebCom on Monday May 31, 2021