SNT offers student associations the option of accommodating their servers in the UT server rooms. There are no costs associated with this colocation. To be eligible for colocation, the server must be 19 "rack mountable (including rails) and must have a dual power supply. The preference is for 1U servers.

The use of a vColo in SNT is preferable to a Colo. See for this vcolo. A motivation is required to place a Colocation. This can be given with the application to the board of SNT.

For more information, contact the SNT board. Contact the board before purchasing or replacing a server. When assessing a request, no account is taken of the fact that the server has already been purchased.

The current conditions can be downloaded here.



The normal procedure for access is to send an email to colo@snt.utwente.nl. This will be treated by the Colocom. It is possible that no one is available the same day, we are all volunteers, be patient.

Urgent Access

It can happen that a server has problems and that it is so business critical that it still needs access the same day. The SNT Helpdesk can be called for this. This will try to get people on the spot. The Colocom must be e-mailed outside opening times of the SNT Helpdesk, whereby the chance of a quick response can be increased by adding "URGENT" to the email subject. However, this service is offered as best effort, and direct access cannot be guaranteed. It is not possible to enter the server rooms independently.

Written by WebCom on Sunday May 30, 2021