Web, Email & Storage (Hornet)

Hornet is a webhosting, e-mail and storage service of SNT and is meant for student associations of the UT, fraternities, sororities and student houses. Associations can host their own website, e-mail and file storage with Hornet. SNT has developed Hornet to be of service and improve it's previous services for student associations. Associations can create their own e-mail addresses, user accounts and their passwords and committees. Throught the admin interface, every user can change various settings without the intervention of SNT.


Hornet generally offers the following services:


Student associations linked to the UT get 1GB of webhosting and email, and 1GB of file storage for free. Other entities like student houses, sororities and fraternities get 500MB of webhosting and email storage, and 500MB of file storage for free.

Extra storage space in Hornet can be bought by sending an e-mail to the board of SNT. There is a difference in price between web/e-mail storage and file storage as the prior is fast SSD storage and the latter is HDD storage.

SSD or web/e-mail storage can be bought per 20GB for €10,- per year. HDD or file storage can be bought per 250GB for €10,- per year.

Requesting a Hornet Environment

Click here to request a new Hornet environment. After filling in the form we will assess whether your association/house/fraternity is eligible for a (free) Hornet environment and if so, create the new environment.

When you want to link a new domain name to your Hornet environment, please request this via this form before requesting the Hornet environment.


Hornet uses the cloud-platform of SNT. The cloud-platform consists of 3 machines spread over 2 locations. The storage is replicated across all 3 machines. This means that when one of the machines fails, the cloud-platform is still functioning and when two of the machines fail, the cloud-platform will not be reachable, but the storage is still safe.

Hornet also uses Patchman. This means that when your website uses a deprecated version of an application (like wordpress or drupal), you will be automatically notified. In serious cases, even automatic patches can be installed.


To be able to use the e-mail functionality, you need to have one of the below domain names. After you file a request for a domain name, this will be assessed by Marketing and Communication of the UT. When the domain name has been approved, they will send the request to LISA, there the domain will be created and linked to Hornet. After this, contact the SNT helpdesk so we can also link the domain to hornet on our side.

If your domain name request has been declined, you can contact the SNT helpdesk, then we can look at the possibilities for getting you a domain name.

Terms of use

For the use of Hornet the following terms are applicable:

Written by WebCom on Monday May 31, 2021